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An Assessment Day might be the best approach for you if you're working against a tight timescale or you’d prefer to conduct the interview process outside of your office. An Assessment Day is also recommended when a market is busy and any delays in the talent search process risk you losing the best candidates.

Typically when recruiting, you are even busier than usual, so we recommend following the assessment day approach that we have developed. It requires 30 minutes of your time in advance and then two to three hours, ideally first or last thing in the day to conduct some initial interviews. The timing helps everyone manage their ‘day job’, so to speak. After initial interviews, you then progress two to three people to final interview.

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The Assessment Day process is as follows:

  • Our consultant and your line manager sit down for a thirty-minute briefing on the role, company, candidate specification, culture and so on, and agree upon an action plan.
  • We use our network, our existing candidate pool and our headhunting resources to identify the best candidates.
  • All of the candidates are met by your Staffing Manager and then screened, competency interviewed and reference checked against your requirements.
  • We arrange an assessment session for you to meet four to six candidates back to back. This gives you an immediate compare and contrast of each candidate and allows for prompt feedback to all parties.
  • The best two to three candidates progress to final interview.

We find that this approach benefits you by streamlining the entire process and minimizing the disruption to your schedule. The initial briefing needs to be in-depth and it is critical that you are satisfied we have a thorough understanding of your precise requirements. This enables you to stop reviewing resumes and screening on paper – that’s our job. This model has enabled us to achieve a fill rate of over 90% from first shortlist and we invest a significant amount of time and effort to ensure you only see the right group of candidates. 

"We deliver an 90% fill rate on assessment days."

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