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Our objective is to identify and present candidates with the skills, capabilities and experience you need. We aim to do this within the timescales demanded by your business. We apply a range of resources to help you meet your talent sourcing objectives, including our expert team of consultants, extensive candidate database and uniquely specialized knowledge of your market.

Our Employer Charter outlines the kind of service you can expect from us:

  1. Understanding your business needs: We gain a detailed understanding of the talent you need, why the candidate profile is important to you and what you need the talent to deliver within your organization.

  2. Applying our expertise to your challenge: You will benefit from our market knowledge as we assist with the development and/or revision of your job specification.

  3. Being up-front and transparent with you: If the candidates with the skills you seek are not available within your budget or if we believe there is an alternative solution, we will tell you. Plain and simple.

  4. Developing your plan: After we’ve developed and finalized a job description for the specific candidates you need, we will agree on a detailed plan that sets our respective roles in the process, the timelines and milestones.

  5. Matching people to people: We present you with a shortlist of people who can all do the job - that’s the science. The art is matching people with people and finding you the ones you want to spend your working hours with. We take pride in that.

  6. Keeping you updated: Once the recruitment process begins, we communicate, reporting regularly on our progress against agreed milestones and objectives to keep you updated. We also ensure that you are aware of changing market conditions and the impact they may have on your recruitment campaign.

  7. Offering you balanced candidate appraisals: As we start to assemble a shortlist, we will highlight the strengths, suitability, culture and fit of each candidate. Our balanced appraisal will also flag any additional features of each candidate to make you aware of all of their strengths and weaknesses.

  8. Delivering you candidate insights and feedback: Sourcing top talent is a two-way process, and many skills areas are candidate-driven, particularly when a market is very active and when searching for hard-to-source skills. We help you to sell your opportunity to each individual candidate, because we know what the candidate is likely to be seeking.

Our role is to help you to fill your vacancies and deliver on your business objectives. Whatever the outcome, we aim to ensure you and the candidates benefit from your recruitment experience. And you will be joining our extended network of people who we encouraged to interact, exchange contacts, and share knowledge.

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